5 Ways to create a Sanctuary in Tough Times

07 April 2020

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Wow! We are really living through some crazy and sad times at the moment. All these external factors and messages we receive from the outside can make one feel very stressed and unsettled.

As a family, we have always believed in the power of the home but now, more than ever, that is true. Amongst the chaos it is important to carve out a space where you can work and work for a period of time. We wanted to share 5 easy ideas to make your home a peaceful and comfortable sanctuary you can enjoy and unwind in. 

1. Out of Clutter, Find simplicity.

The first thing I did after settling in for the 3-week lockdown in South Africa (besides a big shop for lockdown snacks), was to clear all furniture and counter surfaces in my House and eliminate all unnecessary clutter. I feel so much more in control when things are not scattered all over the place. Take it room by room – declutter and clear out each space. Donate what you don’t need anymore, it’s a great time to give back in a small way. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. A less cluttered home will give you the feeling of more space. I made use of baskets to separate items that will be used frequently during this time, but ensure it is neat enough to not clutter small spaces. 

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2. Outside In

The recent global trend of bringing the outdoors in is very relevant at a time like this. Plants provide a calming influence that brings natural beauty into the Home and because it requires care and maintenance, it will force us to take a moment to care for life which invokes compassion in our texting, updating, connected-but-disconnected modern life. Moving all your indoor plants together into one area will also create a feeling of an outdoor space, especially if you do not have a garden. Place them on different heights using your furniture, baskets and décor elements to create a beautiful space with interest and a natural feel. 

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3. Wine and Dine

Now that you have a decluttered kitchen and dining room with beautiful flowers on the table, why not cook a delish meal to enjoy together? Take this opportunity to learn new recipes and cook with your family, but be sure to set a beautifully decorated dining table or convert your coffee table and rug to a picnic style lunch area. Use your décor accessories that are normally stacked on a shelf. This will give you something creative to do during these long days, while getting the chance to learn and most importantly, spending quality time with the people you love.

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I am a huge fan of ambiance. Mood lighting and candles are my go to thing. Candles are an excellent way to bring a feeling of sanctuary to your home. So while you are sitting down at your dining or coffee table, dim the lights and add some candles for a calming atmosphere.

4. Change it up

When we worked in retail, we use to refer to a term “shop blind” when we stopped seeing the things in the stores for what they are (good or bad). Now, I believe that we also become blind to the beautiful things in our homes. So, I often collect all my décor accessories, scatter cushions and throws from around the house and start redecorating with what I have. Changing the living room area, moving the couches and swopping scatter cushions, throws and décor around will make you see old items in a new light – it will make your space feel fresh and new. Incorporate different colours and textures to add a homely, on-trend feeling. 

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5. Creativity sparks Productivity

While working from home is normal for some, it is a foreign concept to most. The best advice is to separate your home office from your living areas. Create an inviting, well-lit and ventilated area with comfortable furniture where you can get those creative juices flowing. Add plants and scented candles to enhance your mood. Add shelving or a chest of drawers to have the right storage for your work documents and aids.

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The spaces in your home should feed your senses and will be a testament to who you are. Use elements that make you happy, make you want to create memories and most importantly make you feel comfortable and safe.

Lockdown will soon be over, set up your home and enjoy what is left!

Take care and remember – you are always welcome at the House of Morgan.

 – Megan

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