Furniture & Décor Trends 2020

05 April 2020

Fashion trends change and evolve with every season and although furniture has slightly more longevity, the décor and furnishing that is used as accents continue to surprise and delight. Some people feel totally unaffected by trends while others like me spend a lot of time studying various sources of international furniture and décor trends. Changes in the local and international market can be easily applied and sometimes just changing small pieces can bring on new life to an existing space. This year has some beautiful furniture and décor trends that I personally love and have implemented in my own home! Below is a selection of the main highlights we love from the 2020 trends and how we suggest you apply it in your own House.

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The Classic Blue, Pantone colour of the year 2020, is a great accent colour to bring into your home. This colour provides an element of tranquility and stability and in a currently uncertain world, we’ll take it. Many people have opted to bring it in in a very bold way, but at House of Morgan, we would recommend using it as an accent colour in décor elements, furnishings or wall colours that are easy to change.

Different contrasts in furniture is a personal favourite of mine. We will still be seeing more of black and white combinations – the contrast of the two bring a clean and chic vibe to any indoor or outdoor space. It is quite a daring and brave statement, so it is a good idea to warm it up with a combination of greys and different textures. Rattan chairs, lighting elements or baskets always live beautifully with this trend and soft furnishings such as subtle colour and design rugs and scatter cushions will tone it down slightly. 

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There is a very strong trend globally that speaks to the layering of different textures in a space. It adds warmth and interest. These textures are applied in different ways – they are mostly seen in occasional and décor pieces. The main players in this trend would be velvets, chunky fabric textures, knits and our favourite – rattan. Upholstered chairs and couches, coffee tables and dining chairs are great pieces to apply different textures to. In addition, to introduce a cooler dimension to a room that is full of many textures, the use of metal on chair legs, the base of coffee tables or lamp tables mixed with a different material top is a personal love of mine – it creates interest and showcases creativity and spontaneity.

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In the manic world we live in, people want to feel grounded and at peace when they return home. Bringing the outdoors in, is a big trend, especially for smaller spaces and apartments. Bringing plants into your living space is the perfect way to integrate this. Leaf or flower prints are also a beautiful way to incorporate this trend. You can play around with different colours here to make an impact.

2020 has really brought us some beautiful and homely trends – many of them are easy to incorporate into our homes already without having to make too many drastic changes. The trends mentioned above speak to many different tastes so it should be easy to apply. Just remember that there are no rules, create an interior space that not only makes your home comfortable and inviting, but one that brings you happiness too.

Take care and remember – you are always welcome at the House of Morgan.


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