House of Morgan

03 April 2020

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James, Megan, Mandy and Anthony Morgan – the full House of Morgan

We thought to start off our blog post series right at the beginning – where we got our name and how we came about.

It was inevitable that we would end up running a furniture business together. Dad has always been in the industry and to this day owns a successful Outdoor Furniture company named Silhouette Furniture based in Durban. I needed a suitable outlet for my creativity and with a clear vision of what we could do, we started discussing ideas as a family. Our combined experiences in textiles, upholstery, furniture buying, manufacturing, development and design came together perfectly.

When deciding on what to call our company, Dad Anthony, Mom Mandy, brother James and I brain stormed together, so we were all included in the decision. Although James is not an active employee at House of Morgan, he acts as our soundboard and deciding vote when we need one.

We considered a variety of different options, but none inspired us. We have always really loved our surname and felt it would be great to incorporate that into our brand name. We are very proud to be working together as a family. Family businesses hold an element of personal connection and trust and combined with our different experiences and personalities we wanted to utilize that to our advantage. Coming home has always been an important aspect to our family and no matter where we are, all scattered around the world, the Morgan’s always come home. The name naturally progressed to House of Morgan – considering what type of product we would specialise in; it was quite appropriate. We wanted to keep a broad scope on the name as we would eventually want to incorporate a lifestyle component into the brand.

We felt the name House of Morgan was catchy and informative. @welcometohouseofmorgan became our social media handle and greeting message – this is something that rings true to who we are as a family.

Take care and remember – you are always welcome at the House of Morgan.  

 – Megan

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